layered in black

i took this picture quite some time ago actually. haha but hesitated about putting it up because i was afraid she wouldn't like the shot i chose. but i absolutely love this babe! she has this cool "essence" of her and she reminds me of one of the models in the latest season of ANTM. i don't know why she was frowning, haha but i thought it was really cute! plus don't you love those doc martens? I can't wait to collection mine :D


Anonymous said...

Nicole! Luv your blog so much! Anw just wondering where do you get your buckle wedges and sandals from? The ones you wore in your boutique! :)

Anonymous said...

Ann! she reminds you of ann!

Lai said...

Hahah don't worry I love this photo! Thanks for the photo babe! It's nice to meet you anyway! :>