the little red hat

i spotted Rachel from afar, obviously her little red hat caught my eye! and at the traffic lights i stopped her to take a snap shot. I think it's really cool how she manages to rock out her look, especially with glasses (hat's off to you rachel). because sometimes i wear glasses too and somehow, i feel like i can't pull of as many looks as i like with it. so here's a little inspiration for those of you who slip on those frames from time to time ;) have a great weekend people!


Fathin said...

which lens did you use for this?? so prettyyyy.

J-SON said...

This is interesting, I love her other details like her footwear and the belt/bag match. Is she carrying the Eiffel Tower around her neck?


M. said...

Love her socks,it rocks!
Any idea where I can get those?