Revived as CRUSH Blog.

My dearest readers and fellow bloggers, Cherry Magazine has ran for about 3 years now. Throughout those years, I guess one can say that I was still finding my way here and there. It's time to grow up and it's time to narrow down into the specifics. Cherry Magazine is now revived as CRUSH Blog.

1. CRUSH: a vast crowd of persons
2. CRUSH: to admire
3. CRUSH: to extract

This blog is a place for "a vast crowd of persons" where anyone, anywhere can be featured, talked about and interact with. It is a people's magazine (in a shape of a blog)! With fashion content that is more approachable and everyday, yet equally inspiring in every way. We don't tell you how to live or dress yourself, but we "extract" the inspirations to help you make your own decision. To formulate your own vogue of living. Here we feature people that we "admire". People with inspiring life stories to share or talents to feature. We celebrate the person as a whole and believe that it is both the failures & success stories that inspire. 

Here's what to expect every week:
  • street style
  • feature stories
  • photo-shoots

Connect with us:
Other then the blog, here's other ways to connect with us!

  • facebook - other then getting updates when we blog. there will also be behind the scene sneak peaks and other interactive content like quizzes, upcoming events, etc. so do join us there!
  • twitter - or you can also follow me on twitter for more random updates :)

# content for this blog is supported by nicolethen studios (photography & videography)


Flora said...

Can't wait to see what's next! Good luck!

Yuan Xin said...

Hey Nicole, you mention that you are selling off your cameras. Are they still available? If so, could you pls provide me with more details? I am interested in getting it. Thank you! =)

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