sleep tight night wear (love whisper!)

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Hi girls! It’s time to talk about those nights again ;) we all know how important a good night’s rest is. And sometimes when we don’t have those elements of comfort, it’s hard to fall into a deep sleep. So here are my favourite sleepwears and sleepwares (if there’s even such a term) that I want to have to snuggle in tight at night.
Comfy tank and shorts – the stuff you wear to sleep is important. I don’t sleep in an air-conditioned room so I like to wear really comfy breathable clothes. If it’s hot, I get ventilated and if it’s cold, it’s the perfect opportunity to snuggle under my comforter.

Soft muji sheets – the muji sheets are terribly soft. It was a birthday gift by one of my close pals and it’s just a dream to fall asleep to. Even if you don’t feel sleepy, this sheets will set you dreaming


My comforter – my comforter is very important to me. Because I had it since I was like terribly young. My first blanket on my first bed with the railings still attached so I wont fall. Haha . so over the years, which is probably about 20 years. It’s soft and wonderful and when I get married, this blanket is coming with me for sure.

The headband – I love to use this kind of thing at the end of the night. Because it’s soft and it keeps all the hair up while you wash your face and brush your teeth. And when you’ve spent the whole day with your fringe falling in front of your eye, well it feels good to see clearly now. Haha


Whisper Overnight Pads – ah, those times we know how terrible it is to wake up to a “mess” or to wake up in the middle of the night in fear of one. This pad that’s tailored for the nights is great for removing that fear and any mishaps from happening. Yay :D good night sleep everyone!

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