beyond the colour black

once in a while when i walk down the streets or photograph stylish girls i meet my customers from nicolethen boutique. and that just flies me over the moon! because when i see that such stylish girls shop at my vintage store, it makes me feel happy that my vintage pieces are going to good "homes".

meet kai fong who's a writer for yahoo! I found her outfit interesting because not only is it all black but there's so much texture. First there's that edgy leather, that dreamy chiffon skirt and those polka dot print socks peeking out over her fur/satin-like material ankle boots. so black's not all that boring if you learn to mix it up in style.


Esther said...

true, and i like how that lovely skirt & her gorgeous fiery hair makes the outfit so feminine amongst the edgy details

♥sormui♥ said...

I luv all those textures together! Specially the satin skirt!

MsShamz said...

I adore her outfit!!! The black on black is so chic xoxox