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Almost Famous Lookbook
Sorry for the absence of street style pictures :P I've got one coming up soon though ;) But in the meantime, I thought I'd share with you the lookbook i shot for Almost Famous. When asked to describe the "Almost Famous girl", I was told that she was "glamourous and chic" But if you understand my style aesthetics enough, I'm no red-carpet guru. Don't be mistaken, I'd love to wear a gorgeous Marchesa gown. But I would probably dress it down with vintage ankle boots.

So I went about to re-interpret a glamour shot. I thought of princesses which then led to me wanting to make those paper crowns (that just adds that element of glamour in a fun way, not taking oneself too seriously and yet still looking stylish...by the way, I must add that we had the cutest "audience" while shooting this. A little girl couldn't take her eyes off Francesca when she donned her gold crown and she and her grandmother stood there just watching us for a long while. Then we also had this grandfather who came with his umbrella and decided he should "shield" my model from the sun. It was just adorable! ok, I'm rambling...back to what i was saying...) and there was this beautiful venue with the loveliest pastel walls and I knew it would be perfect for the lookbook ~ Girly, glamourous and fun <3

I hope you enjoy this lookbook as much as we did shooting it. It was an incredible time of make believe and play <3 Thank you Almost Famous for giving us the opportunity to create magic!

# photography & styling: nicolethen photography (info@nicolethen.com)
# model: francesca


Anonymous said...

pretty photos, love the paper crowns!!

K said...

The paper crowns are awesome!

M. said...

Hey! this place looks familiar!Where is it?

Anonymous said...

Really cool photos! I love the secon look, skirt is absolutely amazing :o)

Anonymous said...

Pretty model you've there and your paper crowns are just brilliant! Is there only three pictures for this lookbook? :( Do more shoots! Love you blog <3

Jasmine said...

may i know how tall is francesca? she's real pretty! :))) i'm loving your shoots!