What I've Been Up To

Just sharing with you some of my work ;) And what I have been up to. Here's a street style segment i did for insing.com on outerwear. Thank God for helping me find all these stylish people wearing cool blazers and stuff. what other "themes" would you like to see on the site? click to view gallery 

# I'll be "street styling" again today! One of my shoot's been postponed so i get to collect more pictures ;) Oh and facehunter's in town! But I won't be going to the book signing today, have something on :( and there's a shoot on friday too for one of my clients, i went scouting for a venue to shoot and i LOVE IT! It kind of smells like pee though...but who cares :P haha will share with you the results soon.


pearl said...

love this girl's style, i like how her shoes popped to make the whole look :) more street styles i hope?


Ellie Lee said...

She's absolutely gorgeous! Love her shoes!