in the press


i have such wonderful friends who tweet, sms, email, whatsapp and hollar me about the features in JUICE and STYLE magazine. And although I'm very honoured and happy to be featured, part of my cringes seeing my face in the magazine and i honestly feel embarrassed about it (i feel my cheeks get itchy) but my bf said it would be a good idea to put the article up if anyone wants to read it. So, I took his advice and here are the two articles!

The two teams did such an amazing job so a big shout out to all of you peeps! Very professional and all around lovely people to work with (i must say, I'm not the easiest person to photograph. haha).

ok, my cheeks still feel itchy...or is my hair...hmm


Jessie said...

So sick!

MR SEETHO said...

I love your street style photos. Absolutely amazing.

Joanna said...

Why are you embarrassed? You should be proud of it! :D

Fir and Fal said...

congrats! love your photos! (: