around and back again

woah, sorry for the long absence! it's actually 8 days since my last post, yeeps! I do miss updating the site with stylish people and lookbooks. I've been so overwhelmed recently so i'm trying to reduce my workload and i was trying to celebrate my birthday proper too. haha

well this is something that I worked on a few days back, a sneak peek to Love Bonito's spring lookbook.  so many things could have gone wrong, for one it was raining at the office - but God was gracious and I prayed for it to not rain. not only was there no rain but the ground was dry, the dark clouds got chased away and the beautiful sunlight streamed in - we literally chased the sun all the way until the moon appeared! haha

second, we missed out the big luggage full of clothes for the different looks. thank God, the models were already dressed in first look so we could carry on with the photoshoot while fred rushed back to the office to get the red luggage.

and finally the security, the first uncle was very nice and i think he was glad that there's something exciting happening around where he worked. but the second security guard was a bit jumpy and wanted us to stop. still, thank God we managed to pull it off. it was nothing short of a miracle, seriously! haha so many things could have gone seriously wrong.

# off to clear my emails now! sorry girls, thank you for being so patient with me <3


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charms said...

Hi Nicole!

I'm a reader of your blog for a while (like maybe a year!) so I've seen how your projects have grown and how things have become so awesome! :D

Anyway, just wanted to say that this picture that you took made me think: SINGAPOREAN GIRLS CAN BE PRETTY TOO. I just think local magazines such as Her World, Cleo etc could definitely use more local models! I'm so sick and tired of seeing Caucasian or even Pan-Asian models do the clothes and make-up. (Though there's more Asian models on the scene now, so that makes a refreshing change). I just think that these magazines just shy away from using local models because they're not the "industry standard" (Caucasian, Pan-Asian) look.

I think that there's a lot of beautiful and stylish people in Singapore that these magazines have been missing out!

So kudos to you for bringing them into the spotlight!