heartland street hunt

rachel in the heartland
shot this street style shot of rachel in the neighbourhood area, haha and thus the "heartland" term. having said that, she has an amazingly consistent style that if i photographed her everyday, i think she'd be a real inspiration especially for those days when you're staring at your closet and nothing "speaks" to you. so don't we all have a pair of jeans, a classic blazer and a rocker tee shirt ready to be shred? haha well here's your inspiration for today!

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oh and please head over to my new nicolethen studio facebook page and like it if you love it and share it if you'd please! (click) it features the work i do as a photographer and a little personal touches here and there. thank you <3


Fashion Is Passion by Poison said...

As a Singaporean myself, I'm truly amazed by your works.
I was awarded the Versatile blogger award recently.
You deserve the award too! You've been awarded the Versatile Blogger award too. Hope it is a small recognition for your hard work.
Keep it up! Your pics had been an inspiration for me too. I'm going to shred some old tees soon;)


veeona said...

Babe! Here you go! http://www.herworld.com/spotted/201103/nicole-then. :)

violetvirus said...

so effortlessly chic! <3

something anyone can pull off...

THE said...

Great look!! Love it

xo thefashionguitar

Anonymous said...

is this the same girl as your model for the boutique?

Nicole Then said...

# Fashion Is Passion by Poison:
You're so sweet!! thank you for the award :D
<3 <3 <3

# veeona:
haha cool, nice job babe!

# violetvirus:
ya! totally ;)

# thefashionguitar:

hm no, haha think you're referring to francesca? but we've done a few shoots together before haha