Corporate Lookbook: love bonito

this is the lookbook shoot that i did with love bonito <3 it was really fun! hm...i'm running out of words huh. haha. well i do hope you like the lookbook and find some inspiration from it.

# maybe i'll come back to this post again and i might have more to say lol. for now i've got to head out! have a wonderful friday :)


Fashion Is Passion by Poison said...

Yes!!! I love the corporate look book. Very inspirational!


thefashionguitar said...

Gorgeous looks and photos!

Happy weekend!

xo thefashionguitar

violetvirus said...

inspirational! <3

I oso can't think of words to say...just wrote shitload of stuff for my school assignment hahaha

do post more ppl in corporate wear!

grace said...

hello dear!!~~ i wonder if you might still be selling the dress pictured here!! just came across it and love it lots!!

cellulite cream review said...

I am loving the looks here. One great way to add color and beauty to often-boring work place. :D

Nicole Then said...

# Fashion Is Passion by Poison:
YAY!! Thank you :D

# thefashionguitar:
happy week to ya too <3

# violetvirus:
thanks babe! will try my best to lol <3 <3 <3

# grace:
hey babe, so sorry it's an extremely old piece and has been sold already haha