botanic gardens

did you know that the botanical gardens is actually really the botanic gardens? haha there are many other botanical gardens in the world but singapore's garden is actually without the "-al". haha i didn't know that and for a long long long time it was botanical gardens to me.

a few days ago, i met up with my sis and mom and we picnic-ed at the botanic gardens and it's rather lovely. the sun was just glowing, the weather wasn't too hot and we had sandwiches, mint tea with honey, cedele's carrot cake and fruit juice. it's really relaxing just to sit around chit chat and people watch :) plus there was this group of gypsy-like young adults who started taking out their instruments like the accordion and harmonica and started playing nice french-like music. ah...if only it wasn't so far. haha
we also headed down there previously for another shoot and it was really relaxing after the shoot to just sit by the lake and give out the remaining bread crumbs to the animals <3

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