coffee junkie (cafe)

good morning everyone!! haha hope you had a good night's rest. aren't weekends the best? (ok, never thought i'd say this. there was a period of time when i actually couldn't wait to get back to work...i mean, i still love my work and all haha i just really enjoy the break ;))

i'm really happy for all these quaint small cafes like forty hands (whom i've blogged about before) and the PLAIN (pictures up soon!). In terms of profitability, i really hope they're doing really really well. cause, they're popularity is really increasing and if it's too crowded's not as nice anymore. so i hope if they have more customers, that they will have the capital to open up another small cafe with good food and most importantly, good coffee.

if only my saturdays could be spent having a coffee and sandwich at a cafe. but if i'm not wrong, saturdays are insanely crowded. so that's a no no for me (side track) did you know, that when i was younger, before i found photography, i actually really wanted to set up a cafe? because i LURVE cafes. i worked at cedele for a period of time and it was a blast! so who knows, haha maybe in the future i'll be able to have my own cafe :P (day dreaming here, cause the start up cost for F&B is actually insanity...just putting things in perspective here haha)

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