my fair lady

woah i am exhausted. haha i think this week i have officially over stretched myself. i think i have a good 3 different projects to share all lined up and buzzing with excitement in their photo frames. on top of the shoots i’m also working on an engagement shoot album design/layout and polishing up the DREAMS project. i have a ton of admin stuff to clear too once i’m done with this hurdle.
tomorrow nadia’s gonna help me with the parcels to be sent out and we have another shoot with a couple i absolutely adore after squeezing in a lunch time interview with S. ah, talking about interviews, i want to thank the SEVENTEEN magazine team for featuring my site in their August issue together with many other cool fashion bloggers! Thank you :) (will post a scan of the page soon)
ps. this photo was snapped on film from one of the shoots i did, pictures up soon ;)

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