what's happening at {nicolethen studio}


we've been buzzing over at {nicolethen studio}. here's a little update of what has been going on in the "crib"! haha

  1. did a photosession with the loveliest family ever, the girls are so beautiful and sweet <3 mom and dad were just the most adorable couple ever! haha (click to view more pictures)
  2. then we met up with an awesome bunch of friends for a graduation shoot too! haha, it was one afternoon filled with laughter ;) (click to view more pictures)
  3. then it was off to a wedding for the beautiful couple Eileen & Mervyn. i shot their engagement photos remember? and i just feel like they've become friends <3 
  4. a little sneak peek behind the scene shot from the love bonito lookbook shoot (click to view more pictures)
do visit me also at the {nicolethen studio} blog where I document my adventures and happenings at the studio :D www.nicolethen.com

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Sanity Notebook said...

Oh, these are pretty brilliant.