a new sail

i know i've been away for a long time, in terms of this fashion blog but it's just wonderful thinking and looking back at how God has slowly but surely guided my sail in the direction i am in now. it's been a whole bunch of hardwork and stress but i'm so happy doing something that i love. God truly has a better plan, a plan that didn't even cross my mind! (when i was in JC, I'd take breaks and head off to a cafe and try to "brainstorm" a purpose in my life. I had no idea what i wanted to study and i had no idea what i wanted to do in terms of a career. but i can tell you one thing for sure, is that if i pull up my journal of yesteryears you won't find the word photographer or fashion anywhere in that spiral bound.)

But don't look at me with envy or think that "i have the life" or that "she's so young...(cos i'm NOT young!! haha seriously i have a er...childish face.)". I know what it feels like to be at a place where you can't stand where you are and you struggle to get through it, but don't be in despair! Because i look back and realize that though at that point it was terrible for me, but i see how that part of my life has shaped my future and it is good ;)

It has definitely been a whole bunch of hard work, such that i haven't had any time to create content for this blog! One might think that being a photographer is a very "nothing-to-do-just-shoot-and-edit-pictures" kind of job but there's so much more that goes into it (but i don't want to bore you haha).

During one of my photoshoots, in between looks, while the other model was resting (she was a little sea sick), beatrice and I were just chilling on the sofa in the aircon room and she just decided to pick up my camera and we swapped roles haha! being a photographer...well, let's just say i have TONS and TONS of photographs of my fiance (ken), my sister, my friends...yup, you get the picture. So either i was just too tired from shooting (rocking boat, squating in a dingy under the hot sun while trying to direct the lighting and models can be rather exhuasting) to feel self-conscious or just because i was comfortable with bea photographing me, i didn't feel weird modeling for her haha and she directed the shoot and took some of the most lovely pictures i've seen of myself in a long long time.

So, there'll be more to come! Random stylish people that I meet on the street, I'll try to take that extra step to snap their picture. "So please say yes! And thank you in advance, hee :)" And I'll be uploading some personal style photos too. I'll try to pace myself so as not to feel overwhelmed but do drop by often and spread the word <3

Thank you guys seriously for visiting me here and also at http://blog.nicolethen.com i can't express how much i appreciate your presence :) and also a huge thank you to beatrice (beatricetan.com) for my new and wonderful profile picture!! haha, i LOVE it to the MAX <3


violetvirus said...

love dat photo, too (and d top you wore dat day)..where's it from?

Brittany said...

nicole, i have to ask you a question. i really like the photos here:




could you tell me which lens you used? the ranges on them?
this is because i'm going to upgrade my DSLR and i'm thinking of what lens to get. i really like the portraits you have captured. i presently have a zuiko 50mm for my olympus dslr, and it does some truly beautiful macro and portrait shots, but it's too zoomed in for me and thus i'll like to get your recommendation for that type of portrait i like (the ones you've captured above).

thank you so much x