so singaporean la.

# some amazing print dress, so comfortable and so luxurious but some fella went to cut the tag, vintage coat, vintage YSL clutch and mimco bracelet

went to support Jerome's debate event/project. talked about whether sacrificing cultural heritage for progress is a good thing. it does make me ponder about being a singaporean, what makes me one? how do i identify with another singaporean?

it's about the language, the ability to speak Singlish and understand it. to be surprised when an Indian (from India) is surprised that i have eaten Indian food, "this is singapore!" i exclaim haha. the shared memories we have as generations of singaporeans, the education system and it's quirks...learning all the national day songs...the kallang wave, the glorious days of the Singapore soccer team during the Malaysia Cup, Fandi Ahmad, kopitiams (the REAL ones!!), the insider jokes that only singaporeans can laugh at, the things that pull at our heart strings...ever wonder why so many people cry when we watch "I not stupid"? haha, because we have this shared history! i believe and see that singaporeans deep down are fiercely patriotic and we love our country despite the frustrations we face.

this is what Jerome's project is about and the exhibition ROOTS (click) that will be held in March celebrates that. what makes singapore's cultural heritage? what do we cherish about our past? what makes us say "this is so singaporean la!!"

# share with me your thoughts ;)

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