behind the scenes
this picture was taken while everyone was preparing for the workshop to begin and i think she looks so beautiful, like a ballerina tying her ribbons.

# I was just thinking about heels the other day and about the whole "beauty is pain" theory (or something like that) and i realized that i only believe in that fashion philosophy...until the pain comes. haha how about you? how much pain are you willing to endure for beauty?


Anonymous said...

damn nice pic jie! :D but i dont think i will endure any pain for beauty after what happened with the ballet flats and my two bruised toenails super fugly


Anonymous said...

The most pain I've endured for "beauty" is blisters on my feet until they started literally bleeding, and I seriously just wanted to cry with every step that I took. I've also tried to go on crash diets by not eating for a couple of days, and it was TORTURE because I love eating. But that's about it I guess.. haha

Blackcowboy said...

wow great picture,
I like your blog

clarice said...

the picture is beautiful, so in the moment. i'm curious as to what she's wearing because that skirt looks ravishing!


Nicole Then said...

to sister:
Lol thanks sis! hahaha cos you wear my ballet flats! lol i also wore that and got those bruises on my toes

to Anonymous:
I know what you mean!! i feel ya ;) especially about the food too haha

to Blackcowboy:
thank you!

to clarice:
oh thanks for the nice comment! yes i too love that it is in the moment. haha oh she's actually wearing a dress. i think it's from warehouse

Vanessa said...

hey clarice, the dress is from New Look actually and it was really pretty!!

to Nicole, this is such a nice picture!! thanks for coming down to the event :D and no I wouldn't want to endure any pain at all, beauty should be comfortable! I think many women look unnatural in heels and elegant flats look more chic :D

Anonymous said...

She actually is a ballet dancer, used to be dancing with Singapore Dance Theatre! Cheah Mei Sing.. She's now teaching at SoTA if I'm not mistaken.