visiting from australia, nash wears a beautiful ethnic paisley print dress and a pair of vintage inspired sunglasses! gorgeous ;)

# i've noticed that the tourists in singapore dress really well. maybe because it's city life and stuff and Nash proves this theory right again. oh and you can actually see my legs in her sunglasses reflection! haha, thought it was interesting.

## well it's off to my other types of work....haha, yes "other types of work". got an article to pen, prepare the new vintage collection and solidify the ideas for the next nicolethen label (plus prepare the prototypes)! gah :P so much work.

### so sorry to those people who have been waiting for my reply over email. will get to that soon! oh and here's two questions for you (would love to hear what you all think)

1. what would you like to see more in the store?
2. what's your favourite type of post on the blog?


Anonymous said...

Hi Nicole! Two thumbs up for your fashion blog and vintage online store :D

Here's my two cents worth:

For Qns 01, I would like to see more vintage tanktops and bracelets/bangles?

For Qns 02, My favourtie type of posts on the blog are the photoshoots you do for your vintage store lookbook :D

Anonymous said...

more short-sleeved/ sleeveless vintage-inspired tops! :)

yilin said...

love ur streetstyle posts so keep them coming! maybe do more features on cool people/ cool spots in s'pore?

Flora said...

2. I love when you take photos of people you see on the street. The people of Singapore have great style.


Aurelia said...

Being away in Perth, I love to see Singaporean Street shots. Just gives me a little glimpse of home every time.

But I also would like to see more of your own outfit shots. =)

Anonymous said...


i like to see vintage rings/necklaces/bracelets/belts. and vintage dresses too!

i like the style lookbook which you capture, singapore yours truly.

Anonymous said...

one i would like to see more noisy prints and patterns.

two i love the street style posts just like this one. its funny you got a photo of this belle i saw her at orchard road and i could tell she has some great natural style n beauty.