an unpredictable revolution (mimco x nicolethen photography)



When Mimco approached me to do a collaborative post with the theme "an unpredictable revolution", I immediately thought of military inspired clothing. but in this "army" of terribly chic girls, they take an ounce of what is trendy and make it a ton of their own style ;) And thus this shoot was conceived. There are so many things that are predicted in fashion but i do see this revolution or change towards girls having their own distinct taste and style. While enjoying the trends and new fashion ideas every season, they are able to craft something unique out of those inspiration. no cookie-cutter for sure ;) and that, is unpredictable. that is why it is exciting! 

check out the video from Mimco! the bracelet nadia wears in all 3 looks is from Mimco while the rest of the items are from my wardrobe/ nicolethen boutique. hope you enjoyed it! btw, there's a mimco outlet in orchard ion <3

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XAЯA said...

No. 2 made my day. C'est parfait!!!!! I love the balance in this one, nice framing. Minimal but it works brilliantly.

Also, I kinda feel that for number 3, if you remove the street lamps, it might be less distracting (imo :p). The bg is mostly dark but because the street lamps are bright as well you kind of notice it too much...

sorry for the long comment! i really like how you capture people en general. Just thought to share what I feel about your photos. I'm nothing but amatuer though so you don't have to take me seriously I guess. Still learning!