Whisper Overnight

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Nothing works like beauty sleep! It helps solves emotional problems, boosts healing processes and is nature’s wonder cream for beautiful skin and eyes. But we all admit that us modern girls get too little rest at night. That is why the short time we have to relish our sleeping time should be treated with care ensuring that we get the undisturbed rest we deserve!

Here are some measures that I take to ensure that I have a peaceful sleep and a happy period:

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1. Classical Music – well I know it seems quite nerdy to listen to classical music but I find that it puts me at ease. So to start my countdown to a peaceful undisturbed sleep, I turn on the radio and wind down.

2. Essential Oils (French Lavender) – one drop of lavender essential oil onto my light bulb (the light bulb acts as a natural heater that diffuses the oil scenting up the room) and it calms my nerves. Lavender oil is the number one recommended scent for anyone trying to relax.

3. Clean Face – I then proceed to wash my face because going to sleep dirty is just so uncomfortable! Yuck. I want to snuggle into bed, clean.

4. Frankie Magazine – If there’s still a few minutes to spare before I hit the sack, I’ll flip through my favourite magazines that a filled with dreamy pictures setting my mood right for sweet dreams. (the last thing I want to dream about is some horror show I watched just before I sleep)


For the days that call for professional help, I use Whisper Nights, which is extra long, super absorbent and guarantees undisturbed sleep. I mean really, the last thing we need is to wake up in the middle of the night or worse…(I shall not elaborate). Haha

Thanks to my 4 step count down and whisper night (super long overnights) my I can easily have a peaceful sleep and a happy period

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