Street Style: Elaine in linen

there are many things i see while engaging in my street style hunt. some are kind of gross and some are just mind boggling.

an example of gross - a man holding his dslr taking pictures of his friends but bending over so low he's getting more exposure then just exposure (butt crack alert! yeeps :P)

an example of mind boggling - a young man picking up underwear at the corners and then putting the ends at his hips to "test it's size". I mean I have no problems doing that if it was in an enclosed shopping center, not the shop next to the street while hundreds of people pass by! dude, you know how hard it is to nab a chick after they've seen that action?? haha

but enough of all these funny things let's get down to the girl with style! i had a hard time, not that there weren't people who dressed stylishly, but i think i was looking for something different. when i saw Elaine, I knew i had to make a u-turn and ask her. Yay! She said yes ;) And now we have a lovely picture of her in a insanely cool linen dress.

I don't get people who dress well and become snooty when people compliment them on their style. Because really, where's the fun in that? I'm so glad Elaine (in true CRUSHgirl fashion) was thoroughly sweet, sharing with me that she got her dress from this linen shop in far east plaza. Her other stuff are from topshop! I just love how she's got that great vintage vibe in a unique & chic way.

# thanks babe for the shot!


sweetiegem <3 said...

love her dress too! nicole! i always love ur clothings..but..i am from KL :(

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I don't really like her dress - not very flattering IMO. :( But I do love her attitude though! Style in her attitude :)

StyleWhiskey. said...

she looks amazing! the outfit is so so cute, not many people could pull that off but she most certainly can!


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you've shot her, Nicole. I was on job when this exact girl in the most flowy-blowy dress walked into our boutique that day. Thought to myself surely not a lot of girls could pull her look off, plus she looks really kinda special. As for her dress being unflattering, anon - I kinda... think... she looks better irl actually. No offence, Nicole. Always believe you're great.

God bless, Peterson.