fashion story: gypsy girl

purple vintage dress from nicolethen boutique, random clutter of necklaces
left: tie dye top and skirt from nicolethen boutique
right: vintage dress from nicolethen boutique, bangle from rubi and vintage boots

# i love nature or at least i think i do. I'm just really freaked out by things that move and bite...most of the time...still when i watch documentaries of animals in their natural habitat, how i really long to be there to capture such things on film. although i'm well aware of all the ickyness that comes with it. this was the shoot where i stood (for quite long) on an ant nest. Goodness! They were all over me...shudder...thank God I didn't get bitten. I'll show you the behind the scene video clip soon, you can hear me scream and freak out hahaha

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Anonymous said...

Hey. The background looks pretty. May I know where you shot this at?