Street Style: Melissa the Fine Artist

the thing about street style is that you never know what or who you're going to find or just simply bump into. I was walking down the streets finding people who wore outerwear with style for an assignment (worried that i couldn't find anyone because one moment it's chilly and cold and the next it's like singapore's baking one giant christmas cake) then melissa walked past me. her canvas bag, her whole self was just intriguing. she made me wonder, where she's going, what's in that bag and what a cool canvas tote!

It turns out that Melissa, a fine arts student at lasalle, was on her way to sell her art work to an interested buyer! Oh I was so curious about that large package wrapped in cloth and how much i wanted to see it. But i didn't want to be a bother. Although she is giving you a sneak peek of her art work by presenting herself.

# to melissa: thanks babe for stopping and giving me time to take your shot ;) and please email me! would love to check out your work ;)

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Anonymous said...

Her tote is adorable i must say, and i enjoyed reading your blog.