nicolethen boutique sneak preview

ah another week has passed! i know my past few posts have no text, haha so sorry guys but last week was a mad rush! literally everyday i had one shoot on and it was quite insane. i even suffered migraine from the stress. but i'm cool ;) No worries! I enjoyed it though. But because of the shoots for my client, i didn't have time to do one lookbook for the boutique so i just took francesca downstairs and then there was this gorgeous ray of sun! incredibly beautiful isn't it? (light flares not photoshopped in haha). i took some with my film camera too (oh and did i mention the first roll of film came out horrid? haha under exposed, a little blur at night and faces cut off. lol)

so here's a sneak peek for the upcoming nicolethen boutique collection! i'm quite excited because i have lovely help coming to join the team at nicolethen studios and i'll introduce her to you soon ;) the collection this week is amazing (whenever i feel a slight heartbreak about selling these pieces it means it's good, haha) and we're going to introduce a new postage system that will allow you to get your pieces faster! plus with my new team-member, we'll be opening the thrift store again for new sellers & loads of goodies for you guys too. new collection projected to launch later tonight, so stay tuned ;)

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Can't wait to see the collection!