nicolethen studios: country grunge girl

I am such an outdoor-sy-natural-light-loving photographer that i actually get depressed from shooting too much studio shots (at first i didn't know why i was so grumpy! haha but after this shoot, i knew why...) Well i shot with Vineeta, who is a first-time model (amazing? haha), well i hope you enjoy this lookbook.
# african print top & floral silk midi skirt from nicolethen boutique
# embrioded cream blouse & alexander-wang-like cotton dress from nicolethen boutique
# blue ginger maxi dress from nicolethen boutique

Special collection launching tonight (friday,28 January) for CNY purchases. So just get your items paid over the weekend and we'll pack it and mail it out Monday with a special speedpost postage!

photographer & styling: nicolethen
model: vineeta
assistant: michele


Nadia said...

Pretty! :)

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for it!

Anonymous said...

May I ask where is this place? Looks beautiful