call her candy

she's rock candy!
if i told you what i loved about her outfit, i'd be naggy. haha but check out her socks! and tell me if you noticed what i just noticed ;) teehee. one thing i'd like to point out is her amazing "body bag". or what i called "body con bag" cause it hugs your body? it looks like a really comfy bag! everytime i go back shopping i always end up insanely frustrated because i carry a boat load of stuff ( i can't help it! haha ), i need my bag to be flexible and be carried in many different ways - shoulder, arm, back pack or sling, and it needs to be soft so it doesn't bruise me. that's why until now i still carry my camera shopping bag tote that i got from my friend's mom shop when i bought something haha i can't find the right one for me :(

# anyone else shares my bag woes? lol


Anonymous said...

hi! you are an inspiration so i guess it'll be right to ask you for advice :) any advice on how i can get started on photography? like choosing the camera etc etc.. tia!

THE said...

Love her look!!

xo thefashionguitar

Anonymous said...


Nicole Then said...

# anonymous:
haha well...i honestly think that the best camera is the one that is with you ;) in fact, i really really think the iphone camera's pretty awesome. did you know it can blow up into 1200+ pixels in photoshop?

know every nook & cranny of your camera functions and experiment with them. good photography has more to do with how you shoot then the gear itself ;)

having said that i started off with a china-brand digital camera to a sony cybershot digital camera to a canon 500D ;)

# thefashionguitar:

i know!! haha so cool