nicolethen boutique collection     
don't mind my flaws, i'm actually ok with them ;) haha
having said that, the nicolethen boutique has been updated! next week will be a humongous (hey! i got the spelling of humongous right, lol no red line underneath) thrift collection so watch out for that too ;)

# i just wanted to say a big thank you to my lovely customers who have truly been a source of motivation and encouragement for me. you guys truly rock and i just wanted you to know that <3


Anonymous said...

that's a great photo! beautiful dress, lovely pose!

Ms Glitzy said...

OMG I love this cheong sam! I need this in my size!!

aiping said...

no jie jie, i think you are always BOOTIFULLL!!!! :D :D :D

Nicole Then said...

# strawberrymilkmama:
aw thank you babe!!

# Ms Glitzy:
haha will look out for you ;)

# aiping:
thank you aiping! you're the best <3 really blessed to have you as my sister :)