so commes des garcon

constance is just fantastic. 
haha i really don't know what else to say. i mean i just love everything about her outfit. and yes i'm sure i've nagged you to death about my constant love for polka dots haha. when i was doing street style with rachel (who is doing it for a school project), i was so happy to bump into constance. i mean, wow, the blog now has a fresh take of street style shots! i guess that's what i'm looking for, people who have some individualistic style identity to them. it doesn't have to be completely different or out of this world, just a little bit more original.

# oh and even though the title says "commes des garcon", constance actually got her skirt from thailand at a smart-shopper's price ;)

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Vera said...

Super love her outfit! And gosh her pewter Dr Martens. Gorgeousness.

Fashion Is Passion by Poison said...

I love the look. The polka dot skirt and the black bow on the blouse are definitely classics which will never be updated;)

And those Dr Martens.. they have been favorites among youngsters for decades. I own a similar pair 2 decades ago.

Constance has it all matched to perfection;)

Do visit my blog too;)


Joanna K. said...

love your blog!!
just followed you check out mine i'd love your opinion


Cheryl-Julia said...
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