and it comes to a close

and men's fashion week comes to a close. i think out of the little shows i managed to attend, my favourite show has got to be ISSUE. the styling, the runway, the music, the flags hanging from the top and the clothes - i just loved the whole concept. i like it when people take the time to make the experience encapsulating rather then just a simple runway (although, yes i understand, cost can be an issue).

so this time round, i decided to take my film camera instead of a digital camera. because, maybe it will invoke a different feeling? or give a different "angle"? i don't know. but it was just a fun challenge i gave myself haha. so instead of having my pictures uploaded onto the blog immediately, it will take some time. so you'll see me talking about MFW11 even after it has ended. (a roll of film is still in my bag undeveloped from before MFW11 haha)


Mary Christine said...

i love your job

Nicole Then said...

#mary christine:
haha, well i do love it too. but of course there's ups & downs. what do you do for a living? :)