parisians ride their bikes

here's another sneak peek, but this time for the NTB lookbook <3 I like this picture, but since it won't be "officially" in the 3-look lookbook, just because it doesn't quite fit in in terms of a common story line but is still blogpost worthy, it's up first! haha

we were shooting at the location when this grumpy uncle came and parked his bicycle near the tree and i thought "perfect! let's put you there!!". while shooting, i kept a constant lookout because i don't think this uncle would be pleased at all that we (a) sat on his bicycle (b) was taking pictures of it and (c) was having alot of fun at his expense. haha when i was done and we crossed the street to get different shots, he came back and i was like "phew". perfect timing haha

and isolated as this location was, there were so many uncles who...i don't know, had something to say? haha that seems to happen with my models :P haha


veeona said...

Very exotic look indeed! Where is the dress from?

Anonymous said...

While i was waiting for the picture to load fully, i thought this was a "real" lady riding a bike in Singapore and not a photoshoot!

Very nicely done, once again! : )

Anonymous said...

HAHAHHAHA lol nicole! awesome that you borrowed the bicycle :D


trenuh's reality said...

I think that was an absolutely pretty shot! The dress was gorgeous.

Nicole Then said...

# veeona:
it's from nicolethen boutique!! haha

# Anonymous:
haha i wish i had the guts & time to do more street style though lol. and the bike was actually chained up but the dress covered it up LOL.

thank you<3 <3

# xiufen:

# trenuh's reality:
thanks babe! appreciate it ;)