swapping places

between my photography stuff and running nicolethen boutique, i find myself attending less and less events and i haven't been on the streets in what seems like months! so this space is a little bare. i have lots of pictures of random stuff (like the food i eat, places i go, etc) but not so many fashion related pictures and well...at the moment, this is the only one...haha...and it's not even taken by me (cos i'm in it!)

usually i'm behind the lens, but for that one day, i swapped places and became a model for rachel. of course, i couldn't resist snapping away on my iphone!

# bumped into james there too! check out his shots of the students and some looks from the show from La Mode Outre 
## picture taken by rachel's lecturer ;)

at lasalle basement 
rachel: (to lecturer) this is my model!
lecturer: hi model.
me: hi teacher.

haha and ya, basically i don't know her name.


xiufen said...

ahhaha so cute la you nicole. you look great just from the b&w, wish i could see moreeee of you in the show :) and ehh i received the lv, lovelove love love, thanks for letting me buy from you! :)

Nicole Then said...

oh haha, got some i look quite funny :P haha but yay :D so glad you got the bag. you'll ROCK IT babe ;) send me pics! haha