down time at MFW

pictures from the "down time" at men's fashion week: 
in between shows, we went to grab a late dinner and greg announced that he was going to eat only fashion food - water. haha i wanted to be lame and say he could eat french fries cause they were skinny & french ;) but nah, lol i'll spare them my lam-ity.

oh and foong, the one checking her text in the 3rd picture, is one of the new parco designers and she designers menswear! i'm gonna go check out her stuff soon :D

# sometimes i get so confused as to what content goes to what blog. so please forgive me if there's some overlapping content :P

## oh and i replied comments! although i'm not sure how far back i went. haha, trying my best to keep up ;) and really thank you for taking the time to drop a comment here and there. really encouraging and keeps me going!

### I'll be holding a model casting soon - for both boys & girls! take note ;) haha


Anonymous said...

How do you edit these pictures to give them a vintage feel? :)

Nicole Then said...

hey anonymous:
this was actually taken with a vintage film camera with a normal negative film. no editing was done ;) haha

Glory said...

model casting. oh awesome. [:

Nicole Then said...

to glory:
you confirm can one la! haha but do come down then i can take some head shots of you :P hee will let you know soon ;)