my observations on singapore's general elections

when i was 20 plus years old, during the last election, i didn't get a chance to vote but then again i didn't see a point in voting. i didn't feel my vote mattered. but this time round, it's different. i feel like my vote really matters. every person votes, according to what he or she sees as a priority. they vote for the one who shares the same vision, enforces the same priorities, has character they look up to and has the ability to see it through.

i'm not here to influence a vote to either party whether it's for the PAP or for the opposition. don't vote for one party just because every one is, or don't vote "that" way just because every one seems to be voting this way. instead, like every decision in life, talk to both sides, read and listen extensively then take a look at your own vision, priorities, hopes and dreams for the country. then make a deliberate choice. or at least, this is the process that's going through my head.

on a side note:
(which is suppose to be more then one point, haha but because i don't have much time to write about other observations i have during the election as i have to prepare for a shoot later today, well then it's a little shorter. maybe i'll come back to it later. but i'd love to hear what you as singaporeans think!)

# singaporeans are talented
i think we honestly don't believe in ourselves. have you watched the apprentice? you've seen how a bad project manager can still win a task if he has a group of really good workers who are resourceful and hardworking. and if a project manager wins a task, it is unlikely that he alone claims the credit. he wins both because of his management skills but also because he has a good team. so singaporeans, our leaders may be good, not so good or new but if we as singaporeans continue to do our best then singapore will soar. what i'm saying is that we also played a part in our country's success and i do see that despite a recent loss in a sense of belonging to our own country, singaporeans do love singapore with a passion and it's time we have faith in us!

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