get rehearsed

# the cheeky couple "practicing" THE KISS haha
# denise's mom, so graceful and beautiful!
# she was so happy because she just got tossed up high in the air by ivan haha

this weekend is going to be crazy! haha i pray i pull through it. not only are there two weddings but i have to vote and it's mother's day too!! goodness, could anything else be crammed into this weekend? lol

i attended the wedding rehearsal two or three days back and to me, this is very important. just knowing what is going to happen and how much space i have to shoot and what kind of lens to use where and when. we also shot the pre-wedding shoot yesterday - and it rained badly :( - but still despite those circumstances and suddenly being thrust into a new location and making it work well, i think everyone did fantastic. pictures will be up soon ;)

the future bride & groom were really cheeky and sneaky (which i totally love about them!) and they didn't want to kiss in front of the guests. haha ah...but they had no choice yesterday at the shoot and they are so romantic i tell you!! like i was watching those old romantic movies


Shu. said...

Nicole, you take really lovely photos!


Sabrina said...

great pictures!
I really like your blog I'm from Italy If you want follow me on blogger and I will do the same.

Nicole Then said...

thank you shu!! <3


my god nicole! I did not know the female photographer at the wedding is you, is it? At the bugis junction hotel. This two couple are my cousins :)