lasalle student show

well the show started off really funny. there were these two "cleaners" (not sure how legit they were) and they stood on the runway for a really long time with their trolley of rubbish and brooms and mops. it seemed like they really wanted that one-minute of fame on the runway. the guys next to me were having a tremendously good time laughing and taking picture of the girl apparently "posing" with her brooms. haha but i think it turned out that it was part of the haha guess it kind of looses that funny factor.

but anyway, onto the show. i was impressed with some of the pieces and the designers behind them. it was finished well, it was something fresh and it could fit in well amongst established designers and still have their unique flair. i almost wish i could get some of the pieces - especially the pieces from "tea time" with laser cut outs and the "pom pom" like black throw over. really well done!
for some, moving forward, they can work on polishing up the designs a bit more. the over exposure of the boobs, butts and panties seemed more accidental then deliberate and tasteful. the designs were beautiful and it doesn't need unnecessary distraction. there were also a lot of design references - viktor & rolf, prada, etc. but for a graduate show, i think it's fine to take inspirations from designers you admire. but now, take your own inspiration and run with it ;)

on the whole, it was a great show. lasalle was even invited to showcase their designers at london fashion week! for that, i'm excited and happy for the students and graduates of the school.


Anonymous said...

just curious.. do we have to be invited for all the AFF events or can we just turn up and queue?

mode.ulation said...

I was there at the show too, saw you at the front row! Yep I agree that the lasalle show was great!

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Nicole Then said...

to anonymous:
oh! you can actually buy tickets to the show ;) but tonight's the last one though :P buy from sistic! if not for some fashion buzz you can head down to MBS for the Blueprint exhibition ;)

to mode.ulation:
cool!! haha you're ushering? ah man, wish i knew then can say hi. tee hee, cos i won't be going down tonight :P