the boys on the road

rachel has the most hilarious brothers ever and it really made the whole experience both incredibly moving and memorable. and it was clear that they love bryan like he was truly their brother.
i couldn't ask for a better group of "brothers" to photograph. they were really helpful, accommodating (especially when i made them walk up and down the damp grass for a shot of all of them together haha) and genuinely nice guys.

and i believe it's a reflection of the bryan himself whom was described by rachel's dad as someone who quietly loves rachel and the family and was always there to lend a hand.

plus, it was pretty evident how much bryan loves rachel when he reached into a plastic bag, overcame his horrid-fear of lizards and kissed it, an obstacle he had to overcome, so that he could see his beautiful bride. then when he was right outside the door, declaring his love and promises out loud, he couldn't help but start choking up with tears ;)



Anonymous said...

Hi, is some of the photo taken at Simei?

Esther said...

so lovely <3 i think that's truly what every girls wants, a guy who loves her quietly but wholly