style in attitude

that day, i had some extra time in between appointments, so i thought why don't i just walk around the streets and see if i happen to spot anyone interesting. but i only had my film camera which i just bought :P haha

then i met Firah and i couldn't have asked for a better person to jump start my street style session! ok, being new to the film camera i was using, i didn't even realize that i had no more film. so i kept trying to adjust it once...twice...give up! in the end i used my iphone 3Gs and throughout the whole time Firah was so patient with me (THANK YOU GIRL, you rock!)

she even encouraged me to carry on doing what i do. i mean seriously!! isn't she awesome? it's not just cause she was so nice that i affirm her or that she had this cool tee with really nice looking shoes (that i want). but that she's part of this new "wave" of singaporeans who are outspoken with their encouragement and supportive. i think it's about time we change the bad aspects of our society ! so I give her street cred for both style and attitude ;)

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