EM engagement shoot

i need to start speeding up with my blog posts on the shoots that i have done haha. this one was done in JUNE :P and it was really fun. broken up into 3 posts, this engagement shoot took us to 3 really cool locations (inspired by the short film by Royston Tan called Old Places) in 8 hours.
first stop: Queenstown Estate. when i went there, it was really eerie. the whole estate was vacant. blocks and blocks of nothing. it felt almost sad to think of how it once was when people occupied it and memories were made. they were supposed to demolish this old buildings, but after the national day speech...maybe not so soon. haha
when we were shooting there halfway, this uncle just came casually and opened the door to the cinema/bowling alley. and we all just jumped at the chance to explore the inside of the building together. the uncle was so nice and we had an exclusive chance to get a peek into the old building. really really cool, it's literally from the old period sometime i'm guessing in the 80s or 90s. the deco was like the old american diners. the bowling lanes were stripped away but part of the mechanics that lifted the pins were still there. the cinema theatre was pretty cool and scary too. it was too dark though to go all the way in. there was no electricity and the place was pretty much boarded up. but wow, we did feel special to be able to look inside!!
first look: Eileen styled herself for this shoot and i think she looks so pretty & adorable in this one (wait till you see her other cool looks!). she's wearing her ROM dress and a pair of polka dotted shoes with pink accents. hair & make up done by delanie wong.
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click read more to see the inside pictures of the cinema/bowling alley

photos taken by nadia! my canon camera didn't have the infra-red thing so i couldn't take all these super super dark shots haha

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