flower girl

photography is a little like being a treasure hunter. you go into the shoot for 2-3 hours and you dig and dig or chase and chase for that shot that embodies everything that is good and reflects your vision.
i did this shoot with rach and wanted to do this crazy print layer on layer styled shoot. her class ended really late so we didn't have the amount of time that i would like to do a shoot. plus, we had to forsake the initial location for one just around the corner. but despite all that, i think the shots turned out gorgeous ;) so i'm really happy!

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Mónica C. Welton said...



denise said...

oh man this set of photos made my heart skip a beat. I love that first image so so so much. your friend is gorgeous!!!!!!

denise said...

oh PS. I've posted them on my tumblr :) dddlai.tumblr

Anonymous said...

Hi! May i know where does your model bought the aztec print scarf ? :)

trenuh's reality said...

Love the styling! It's refreshing to see layered prints.

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