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had a brilliant meal yesterday evening and will blog more about it soon. haha, i got onto instagram just to have the fun of photographing all my food :P and other stuff of course!

we're back with part (II) of the engagement/pre-wedding shoot with eileen & mervyn. i'm glad we scheduled the shoot early enough such that all the shops were still there and functioning. because i went back there less then a week later and all the shops were evacuated :( no baseball bergadal mee soto for me. sad. and there were also all these ugly white booths that were set up by the m'sian tourism department. so thank God we went earlier.

eileen's wearing her mom's vintage wedding dress and i think she just looks so stunning! and with the hat, ahh...i could tell mervyn was getting the hang of this photoshoot-thingy haha so i'm so proud of the both of them, they did amazing!!

alot of people started to take photos of them hahaha (i think it's starting to become a trend at my shoots, will explain more soon) some even thought we were doing a commercial haha funny. well, we're down with 2 locations and just one more location to go!

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