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i can't remember when i started working on the project. yup, that's probably how long ago i started. but i know i kept delaying the launch date. i guess part of me wasn't sure. i mean, it was my dream to have a magazine (that's why my blog was called cherry magazine) but do i have any experience? touch and go. so there was this resistance and fear about whether the magazine was good enough and such. but i guess, that's the whole point of dreams magazine. it's that you have a dream or an idea and then you have fears and resistance. despite that, you'll break through it and work on your dream.
part of me is afraid and yet part of me is not afraid of failure, or of imperfections. because my dreams are always a work in progress and i'm always aiming for it to get better. so come along with me and the team on this journey and if you've got a story to share do drop me an email too :)
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# thanks to my lovely assistant nadia for helping me so much with the magazine! <3
# and also to all the amazing talented make up artists (dee!), beautiful models and creative people who helped contribute to making it possible

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Awshumshauce said...

Yum! Can't wait for the PDF to be delivered! : >